Extend Your Pharmaceutical Brand To The Consumer

RxDefine transforms the antiquated "talk to your doctor" to a direct call to action enabling immediate patient access to the healthcare products and services they need.

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Where We Came From

We are a team of doctors, life science innovators, engineers, and designers whose passion is to redefine the way the healthcare system works.

Telemedicine Compatible  Medical Conditions


Teledermatology is considered one of the most cost effective methods for treating dermatologic conditions such as acne, melasma, and many other skincare conditions.

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Infectious Disease

Telemedicine in the field of infectious disease is rapidly expanding in clinical and technical capacity for conditions such as HIV, Urinary Tract Conditions, and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

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Primary Care

Recent technological innovation in telemedicine has improved adherence and compliance in initial treatment and follow-up for a variety of primary care conditions.

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Women's Health

Telemedicine is removing stigma associated with the effective screening and treatment of a number of women's health conditions.

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Physician Consultation

RxDefine platform allows customers to enjoy seamless and comfortable virtual consultations from any location or compatible device.

Regulatory Compliance

We invest in meaningful regulatory compliance and privacy & security requirements. Focus on what your business is good at.

Pharmacy Integration

Our platform integrates with third party mail-order, specialty and local pharmacies for direct to consumer fulfillment. We believe patients should have freedom of choice when choosing a pharmacy.

The Consumerization Of Healthcare Is Here

How is your pharmaceutical company positioned to take advantage of the opportunity?

Regulatory Changes

Since 2017, greater than 30 US States have passed more than 60 pieces of regulation to expand the use of telemedicine.

Age of convenience

Mobile-first e-commerce has enabled consumers to conveniently access any product or service from the palm of their hand.

Healthcare costs are rising

With the steady rise of co-pays and deductibles for the last decade, consumers are demanding more cost effective care.

How It Works

RxDefine Customer Journey

Patient’s First

RxDefine provides a simple button to instantly engage and connect your online visitors with doctors

Website Sign Up
Demographic Information
Online Medical Assessment
Payment Information


RxDefine allows you to provide your customers seamless and comfortable virtual consultations from any device and location at any time.

Asynchronous Review
Audio/Video Call
Experienced, Board Certified Clinicians

and Dispatch

We connect your customers with third party mail-order, local or specialty pharmacies to facilitate fulfillment of medications.

Multiple Carriers
Automatic Refills
Home Delivery or Local Pickup

Our Team Of Experts Is Always At Your Service:

E-Commerce Platform Setup

Our product team will guide you through the setup process, ensuring that the process is seamless.

Latest Telemedicine Laws

Our team monitors the latest developments in the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Spend your time focusing on what you are good at.

“I believe the future of health care is about wellness at home and not sickness in a medical facility. RxDefine aligns with this new concept of care delivery.”

John Halamka
MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic Platform President; Former CIO of Harvard Medical School & Harvard Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“Consumers expect quality but also today more than ever demand convenience and cost savings. Rxdefine matches the values of consumers while remaining ahead of the curve on all new regulatory requirements.”

Jeff Sachs
Health Care Policy Expert

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